Save Money by Managing Your Peak Power Use!

Let Rodan Energy help manage your peak power usage and reduce your growing Global Adjustment (GA) costs. Rodan’s EnerVu predictive tools and peak management services will maximize your power savings with an almost immediate return on investment!

Who Qualifies?

  • Large electricity users in Ontario > 3MW in demand
  • Sectors > 3MW and < 5MW – manufacturing, mining, quarrying, oil/gas extraction, greenhouse, refrigerated warehousing and data processing
  • Sectors > 5MW – All

The cost of GA will continue to be a significant part of your power bill. Now with the Industrial Conservation Initiative, large energy users can better manage their GA costs.

How Does it Work?

  • Peak Reduction Plan – Rodan’s specialists work with you to develop a peak reduction plan (electricity reduction or back-up power systems)
  • Our Network Operations Center issues peak reduction advisories and notifications, as well as expert care and support throughout the activation
  • M&V – Measurement and verification of performance, ensuring savings are properly reflected in your electricity bill

Call us at 905-625-9900 x241 or email and have one of our energy specialists assist you

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