Media Round Up October 9

Ontario electricity operator offers money for cutting power consumption
The Globe and Mail -Ontario’s electricity operator is asking its customers to bid on contracts that would see them paid for cutting their power consumption at peak times in order to avoid putting strain on the system.

Applications Now Open for Smart Grid Projects
Government of Ontario News -Ontario is accepting a new round of project applications for theSmart Grid Fund, in order to support the ongoing development of a modern, intelligent electricity system.

Ontario investigates Volkswagen for emissions controls software
CTV News –Ontario’s environment ministry is investigating Volkswagen Canada and Audi Canada for selling cars with software designed to bypass the vehicle’s emissions controls.The province is asking the company to detail whatever actions it plans to take to fix the cars sold in Ontario that don’t meet emissions standards.

Ontario Government Releases Regulations to Support LDC Consolidation
Energy Insider -The Ontario Government recently published draft Regulations that are intended to support and encourage the consolidation of LDCs. This is consistent with the recommendations in the Ed Clark Report and the promises made in the Government’s last budget, both of which were discussed in a priorpost.

Group accuses NEB of rushing regulatory process for Energy East pipeline
CTV News -An environmental group is accusing the National Energy Board of rushing the process for the Energy East pipeline by gathering oral traditional evidence from aboriginal bands before it has received a complete application.

Source: AMPCO News Feed

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