Rodan Energy: At the Forefront of the New Era in the Energy Sector

The President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) Paul Grod is a well-known figure not just in the Ukrainian community, but in Canada as a whole. He became President of the UCC eight years ago. Over these years, Paul Grod and the UCC have won wide recognition – the Power and Influence magazine ranked Mr. Grod #21 in the spring 2014 rating of the top 100 people influencing Canada’s global future, while the Congress ranked first in the category of Diaspora & Civil Society organizations.

Many people also know that Paul Grod is among the founders of the energy services company Rodan Energy Solutions (Rodan Energy). But much fewer people know what Rodan Energy actually is. The New Pathway visited Rodan Energy’s site at 165 Matheson Blvd East in Mississauga and asked Paul Grod to explain to us in laymen terms what the company does. What we found was quite fascinating.

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